F20: What Is to Come

Chris DunnBy Chris Dunn|January 3, 2020
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As we welcome the new decade we are also excited to bring a new chassis into our shop! During the Winter Break we have been able to get a lot of manufacturing done without the distraction of classes. The chassis is welded and powder coated, waiting to receive her aircraft fabric skin and a new livery for 2020!

F20's chassis freshly back from powder coating.

Our new CNC mill Haas been very productive for the team, cutting lead times on components from weeks to mere hours. We have taken full advantage of this in order to meet our schedule for this build cycle. The next photo shows a small cross section of some of the parts that we have machined on the CNC—which include uprights, wing mounts, and our differential carriers—and will go out for anodizing. We have also managed to make parts for our engine, the DRS system, and molds for our composite parts.

Parts laid out after being polished in preparation for anodizing.

Our Composites team has also been hard at work getting all of the wing components laid up and cured. They have done a fantastic job and managed to get all of the rear wing elements and endplates done!

On top of the wings they have also made our newly designed undertray. The process involved machining a foam buck, doing the wet layup of a mold, and finally laying up the part itself. Our in-house carbon fiber rims are also getting finished with trimming and drilling for their aluminum wheel centers.

Rear wing elements laid out in the configuration that they will be assembled in.
Carbon fiber rim after having the wheel center mounting holes drilled.

We are very excited to see F20 come together over the next couple of months and hope that y’all will join us as we get ready for Formula SAE California!