Spring classes may have started, but we are still hard at work on F20! In the past month, we have seen many of the manufacturing efforts come to their final stages.

We now have most of our wing elements together, and the aerodynamics package is now in the last steps of assembly. Our engine system has been running on the dyno and is making excellent power numbers! We hope to put the package into the car within the week. The wiring harness has been laid out and terminated, and now just needs to be secured to the car. We have also installed our dashboard and a new iteration of our butterfly shifter in the car to get feedback from our drivers.

We use a custom carbon fiber steering wheel which we designed with the aid of rapid prototyping and driver feedback before a final mold was made.

An element from our rear wing ready for assembly. All our elements are laid up using pre-impregnated carbon fiber.

One of the things that we are most excited about is our suspension progress. We were recently able to get the car onto the ground under its own support. This, along with how well the rest of our systems are coming along, is making us very eager to be able to finally drive the newest addition to the UTA Racing fleet!

The Öhlins TX25 MKII package sits tight against the car with our pull-rod suspension.

With the new semester starting, we have also seen a large influx of new prospective members of the program. We are very enthusiastic to see all the new faces around our shop, and if you are interested in joining the team fill out the form at utaracing.com/join!