A lot has changed around here since our last newsletter. Our shop has an all new look! Over the course of a couple of days we went through our inventory and reorganized much of our equipment. We hope that this rearrangement will allow us to work much more efficiently moving forward.

Our shop reorganized to increase efficiency.

Unfortunately, like for many of you, the largest changes have been brought by the COVID-19 outbreak. All UTA classes are now online and many of our team members had to move away from campus. We are currently keeping in touch through online communication platforms, and we encourage all team members to stay at home and follow government guidelines.

In response to the outbreak, SAE International announced that the 2020 Formula SAE season will not have dynamic events, and static events will be held online. This has been shocking news throughout the Formula SAE community, and we are adapting to it as best as we can.

Fortunately, F20 drove with its full aero package before the outbreak. When we began testing we chose to wait on the wings so that we could focus on other areas of the car. At the end of Spring Break we had the full aero package installed, and although we have yet to gather much data, the car looked fantastic going around our test track!

These are not easy times for anyone, but our team looks to the future with optimism and great anticipation for all of the opportunities that will be presented to us. We look forward to the next challenge as engineers, and as people. Stay safe everyone.

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