For the 2020 season UTA Racing designed and built its fastest car ever, F20. The car featured a turbocharged Yamaha R3 Inline 321 cc 2-cylinder engine running on E85 fuel. Weighing in at 392 pounds, the car is the lightest and fastest made by UTA Racing to date. The car utilizes UTA Racing’s attitude controlled unsprung wing system and makes the most downforce of any UTA car to date. F20 was driven for the first time in February of 2020 and underwent extensive track testing for tuning and validation. We also had the opportunity to test the car in a full-scale wind tunnel, which was used to validate and improve the team’s use of CFD simulation in our aero package design.

F20 was scheduled to compete in the Formula SAE California Competition in June of 2020. The competition was canceled and replaced with an online competition due to the Covid19 Pandemic, in which the team competed in June.




UTA Racing would like to thank all of the sponsors that helped make F20 possible. Although the season was cut short, the team produced an incredible car and got the same level of engineering education experienced by any other UTA Racing Team. UTA Racing will continue to build new race cars each year, and challenge its students to design, build, and compete.