UTA Racing has chosen to take on a very different challenge for the 2020-2021 competition season. That challenge: to design and build a car to compete in the A-Modified class of the Sports Car Club of America 2021 Solo season. The class, which features average lap times approximately 3-5% faster than FSAE, is the fastest of the 48 classes in SCCA Solo events held nationwide.

The decision comes as the circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic have drastically changed the landscape for FSAE teams and UTA Students for the 2020-2021 school year. The decision, suggested by and adopted unanimously by UTA Racing team members, will provide an engineering education experience equal to or better than the usual FSAE design cycle while working better for the team around the new challenges created by the COVID-19 Pandemic. “After working on FSAE cars, designing an A-Mod presents totally different challenges that have required a lot of creative thinking on the part of our engineers. The design slate started cleaner than it ever has for this team, and doing the work to design a totally different type of car from the ground up has made everyone much better engineers.” said Chief Engineer Dylan White. With a small but dedicated and experienced team working within the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines set forth by the University of Texas Arlington and local authorities, the team has safely completed Design work on the new car dubbed “The UTA-Mod”.

Design work started in August, and manufacturing has already begun. Featuring a 225 Horsepower Suzuki GSXR 1000 engine, the UTA-Mod will weigh under the A-Mod class minimum weight of 900 lb. with driver and will generate more downforce than any UTA car previous. The high horsepower 900 lb. car is a departure from the types of cars normally created by the team for FSAE competitions, whose rulebook limits power and greatly incentivizes mass efficiency.

SCCA Solo competitions are the highest participation form of motorsports in the US, with events held in 115 different regions across the country on a near weekly basis. The Autocross form of racing, with cars competing against the clock on temporary courses, is a form of racing shared with Formula SAE and Formula Student competitions. With multiple national championships in the Formula SAE class of the SCCA Solo Nationals Championship and annual participation in regional SCCA events, SCCA Solo competitions are not new territory for the UTA Racing team. The fastest student driver annually in the FSAE class of the SCCA Solo-Nationals championship is awarded the Dr. Bob Woods Cup, established on behalf of UTA Racing’s beloved faculty advisor.

The team plans to compete in select Regional and Divisional SCCA Solo events, with the season culminating in the 2021 SCCA Solo National Championships. If successful, the team plans to be in contention for the 2021 Solo Nationals AModified Class Championship and FSAE Class Championship. And if all goes to plan, the UTA-Mod may just be the fastest autocross car ever made.

The team would like to thank and is excited to continue our relationships with our current sponsors, which can be viewed at www.utaracing.com/sponsors/. The team relies heavily on in-kind and cash sponsorships, if you or your company would like to sponsor UTA Racing, please email Dr. Bob Woods at woods@uta.edu or contact the team at www.utaracing.com/contact/.

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